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Shaker experts talk assessments on recent HCI podcast

Shaker associates Alison Carr and Dan Koletsky recently appeared on the Human Capital Institute’s Nine to Thrive HR podcast to help provide a primer on talent assessments. They discuss how assessments are developed and used and other things you need to know if you’re at the beginning of your data analysis journey.

Assessments allow you to measure what you want to find out about your job candidates in a deliberate way. What’s important and sometimes overlooked is ensuring you understand the nature of the data you’re using to predict performance. You not only must be sure the information you collect is job-relevant and objective but that you document your process as fair and valid.

This podcast addresses these concepts and many more, including:

  • What are some of the ways assessments should be used?
  • What are their legal requirements?
  • What factors do you need to consider when you go assessment shopping?
  • How can you be sure shiny new tools promising greater prediction have the right research and science behind them?

There are lots of types of measurement out there. Listen to find out what you can do to increase the predictive power of your candidate evaluation process.