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Shaker Shares Assessments Insight in Talent Management Magazine

The use of pre-hire assessments to make well-informed hiring decisions continues to grow, and Shaker remains at the forefront of selection science--both in developing cutting-edge solutions and sharing our thought leadership with the larger community. A recent article in Talent Management highlighted the latter, featuring insights from Shaker's own Executive Vice President, Joseph P. Murphy, on how companies can leverage assessments most effectively. Assessment evaluation includes having candidates participate in reasoning, task delegation, and brainstorming exercises to see how they will react to on-the-job situations to facilitate decision making.

The article also features thoughts from Adam Hilliard, Senior Manager of Global Selection and Assessment Strategy for Shaker client Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. Hilliard describes how his company uses Shaker’s assessments to enable hiring managers to identify poor-fit candidates early on, so they can spend more time on those candidates most likely to be successful.

Read the full article, “How to Use Pre-Hire Assessments”.