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Shaker’s Alison Carr discusses applicant drop out on I-O podcast

by Jen Wason

Shaker associate Alison Carr joined Ben Butina’s Department 12 podcast to talk about research she helped conduct about what motivates applicants to drop out of the selection process.

The research challenges long-held assumptions that shorter assessments mean higher completion rates. According to the data, assessment length is not a driver of applicant drop out and efforts to curtail drop out by shortening assessment length may actually be counterproductive.

The findings were recently published in the article "Are Applicants More Likely to Quit Longer Assessments? Examining the Effect of Assessment Length on Applicant Attrition Behavior” by the Journal of Applied Psychology.

“Companies are legitimately concerned that they’re losing out on top candidates because the assessment is some sort of barrier,” Carr explains. “The real question is not can we get a shorter assessment, but rather how do we increase completion rates.”

Listen now to check your own assessment assumptions and find out what drives applicant behavior.

Read more about this research and download the full article.