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Shaker's Mike Hudy talks pre-hire assessments in SHRM article

Mike Hudy, VP, Selection Science, is featured in the recent SHRM article Predictive Assessments Give Companies Insight into Candidates' Potential

Organizations are increasingly seeking more of a whole-person evaluation of their candidates. They want to assess not only skills and intellect but also personality, organizational fit, and motivational drivers to determine who is going to make the most of an opportunity and avoid costly mis-hires.

Shaker is an assessment vendor that has recognized the need to emphasize the candidate experience, all while never losing sight of an organization's need to have an efficient hiring process that is valid, fair, and reliable. 

"It's about prioritizing where you can get the most predictive bang for your buck in the short amount of time you have with candidates," Hudy said.

Read the whole article to learn more about what pre-hire assessments can do for you.