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Virtual Job Tryout Answers

by Joseph Murphy

Looking for answers for the Virtual Job Tryout?

Here are what some candidates have said about their experiences providing answers to the Virtual Job Tryout:

"I thought the virtual tryout was a very interesting concept that provided me with a better understanding of the role. It actually made me more interested in the position because it gave me some insight to what I could possibly be doing on a daily basis as well as that expectation that things are always going to be different."  
Insurance Claims Adjuster candidate

"I liked this Virtual Job Tryout. It's definitely different than any other job application process. It really gives a realistic view of what to expect and helped me learn more on day to day worklife."
Personal Banker candidate

"Best I've ever seen! So much information for people to see if they are really interested. Love it! Looking forward to working with you soon! Thank you."
Banking Service Associate candidate

"The Virtual Job Tryout is exactly like [ABC Co], Amazing! Coming from a technician stand point, I enjoyed the interactive city. It showed how a technician’s day could really be. Awesome job!"
Digital Entertainment Technician candidate

"I enjoyed the Virtual Job Tryout experience because it allowed me to gain a brief knowledge regarding what types of situations I could run into as an employee. I also liked that there were personal questions asked before a formal interview so that whoever reviews the applications can get to know more about me besides what it is printed on my resume. Overall, I believe the Virtual Job Tryout is a great experience."
Urgent Care Clinic candidate

"The Virtual Job Tryout is innovative, informative, and gives a good insight as to what is involved in a job working at [ABC Co.]. I found it very helpful and it prompted me to think about what experiences working at [ABC Co.] potentially would be like. I'm very impressed and my reaction is synonymous with how I view [ABC Co.]."
Radiaology Technician candidate

"The Virtual Job Tryout was very exciting for me to complete; having over 10 years experience in the industry, it really challenged me to think on my feet about decisions I have made, and visualize decisions I would need to make in different situations. Listening to the candid feedback of [ABC Co.] GM's was also very motivating, especially the GM who has been with [ABC Co.] for 12 years."
Fitness Club General Manager candidate

Your Answers to the Virtual Job Tryout, Your Candidate Experience

You may have found this page because you are considering a career with a company that has invited you to complete a Virtual Job Tryout to ensure you both make a great career decision. Below are some tips for how to provide answers for the Virtual Job Tryout.

A successful career starts with making the right choice. So why choose a company that uses the Virtual Job Tryout?

A company that uses the Virtual Job Tryout is invested in your success. Your candidate experience is important to them. Learning more about you than they can from a resume is important to them.

To help you find a perfect career fit, you are being given an opportunity to take the job for a test drive. Your answers for the Virtual Job Tryout will show how capable you are of performing the job. You are being given an opportunity to demonstrate your skills and present your relevant experiences. You will find it an engaging and informative process.