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Webinar: The Economics of Hiring Smarter

Join Shaker executive vice president Joseph P. Murphy and the CFO Alliance for the free webinar Who Owns the Budget for Staffing Waste? The Economics of Hiring Smarter on August 16 at 2:00 p.m. to acquire the tools and practices you need to understand and take control of staffing waste, recruiter efficiency, and new hire productivity.

Every bad hire creates waste and rework.

Realizing return on investment in staffing process improvement relies on understanding three value streams: staffing waste, recruiter efficiency, and new hire productivity. This webinar will demonstrate how each of these value streams can be measured, managed, and improved.

New hire turnover within the first 90 to 120 days can put significant pressure on an organization’s bottom line. The administrative burden of managing candidate flow and making hiring decisions shows up as direct labor costs for the talent acquisition team. Sorting, evaluating, and interviewing candidates impacts timelines, days of vacancy, and other business processes. Reducing time and effort spent with poor-fit candidates can fill vacancies more quickly with better talent. And new hires who get up to speed and achieve their performance targets faster reduce time and cost to proficiency.

Quality of hire is driven by quality of hiring data. Organizations that use objective candidate evaluation methods, such as pre-employment assessments, equip their recruiters with data to hire smarter, compare candidates using predictive analytics, and document return on investment.

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