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Pre-Employment Testing Company Opens Fourth Office

by Joseph Murphy

Shaker Consulting Group, an industry leader in pre-employment assessments, has expanded their footprint with a new office in Chevy Chase, MD. Shaker is the creator of Virtual Job Tryout, a custom simulation for pre-employment testing, and added its fourth office in response to robust growth of the business. 

The growth of our east-coast client base, and the expanding demand of our global Virtual Job Tryout implementations requires a dispersed team,” said Joseph Murphy, vice president of Shaker Consulting Group.
Dr. Christie Cox, a Maryland resident, recently joined the firm and opened the new office in February. Shaker Consulting Group’s other offices are located in Atlanta, and Pittsburgh, with headquarters in Cleveland.

“The growth of Shaker Consulting Group’s international client work was very interesting to me. I will be able to immediately leverage my global pre-employment testing experience,” said Dr. Cox, an industrial organizational psychologist.

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