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Shaker Consulting Group Hits Milestone of Ten Years

by Joseph Murphy

Shaker was founded on a mission to revolutionize how pre-employment assessment is created and delivered. It has attracted market-leading Fortune 500 clients in retail, financial services, hospitality, medical services, insurance, manufacturing, digital entertainment, and technology sectors. From its inception in Shaker Heights, OH, the firm has expanded operations into four cities (Atlanta, Pittsburgh, and Washington DC) and employs 12 Ph.D level Industrial/Organizational psychologists engaged in selection science and HR analytics.


The Virtual Job Tryout is designed to leverage the multi-media capabilities of the internet to deliver a highly engaging, company branded candidate experience. It educates and evaluates at the same time. “In completing a Virtual Job Tryout, candidates take the job for a test drive and learn a lot about the performance demands. Recruiters obtain information about a candidate that is far more objective and useful than anything found on a resume,” says Brian Stern, Ph.D., president of the firm.

The first Virtual Job Tryout evaluated about 10,000 call center candidates in 2002. This year, the firm has clients which have 5,000 candidates a day complete their Virtual Job Tryout. It is seen as an excellent tool to help companies improve their quality of hire.

Brian M. Stern & Joseph P. Murphy