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Mobile Assessments: Is Your Organization Ready?

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More and more companies today rely on assessments to evaluate their job candidates and make well-informed, data-based hiring decisions. At the same time, a rapidly growing number of candidates are using their mobile devices to learn about employers and their open positions. As the job search continues to go more mobile, and candidates expect to be able to complete the entire application process from their devices, employers are met with a significant challenge. How can they align job seeker demand for a robust, mobile-optimized candidate experience with the need for an effective way to evaluate those candidates?

Mobile assessments, by which candidates complete the assessment process on their phones or tablets, can provide the answer. Despite the numerous benefits of mobile assessments, though, employers may still be hesitant to adopt this technology. Legitimate concerns include whether they can deliver the same level of predictive power and quality of hire insight as PC-based assessments, potential increase in compliance risks and the need to ensure a consistent experience across the large variety of mobile devices.

The situation is very similar to when assessments were first brought to the internet, moving beyond paper-based bubble sheets to online forms. Although this enabled new, robust ways to assess candidates, including video and simulated on-the-job experiences, employers had serious concerns about losing control of the assessment process in an unproctored environment. The same issues hold true for the ongoing shift to mobile.

Despite some hesitance among employers, early research on mobile assessments found that they can help organizations connect with diverse and younger talent, enabling them to access a larger candidate pool from which to find qualified talent. Still, it is important to understand that mobile assessments might not be right for every situation; recognizing how and when they can bring the most value to the hiring process is essential.

Our white paper “Mobile Assessments: Is Your Organization Ready?” provides an in-depth look at the challenges and opportunities of this new technology, from how assessment providers are making the shift to mobile, to a best practice guide for implementing mobile assessments.

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