Corporate Treasurer

Cindy directs all administrative processes at Shaker. She supervises the quality of Shaker’s accounting and financial operations and delivery of human resource services for all employees. Emphasizing accuracy and accountability, Cindy’s management assures a sound foundation for efficient, effective, ethical business practices.

Cindy implements operational processes to maximize the efficiency of Shaker’s business routines, saving time and reducing expenses. She contributes to strategic planning efforts, provides financial forecasting, and helps tackle the practical work of managing Shaker’s continually growing resources and obligations. Client-focused and flexible, Cindy works side by side with Shaker’s professional staff to enable the steady delivery of high-quality service to clients and partners.

Cindy’s leadership models Shaker’s principles of fostering respect, promoting collaboration, and emphasizing client care. She is part of the legacy of Shaker’s progressive, supportive, and caring culture.

Cindy is a founder of Shaker. She previously served as Office Manager for CEB/SHL.

AA, Business Management, Lakeland Community College

Professional Affiliations
Cleveland Society for Human Resource Management (CSHRM)

Office: 216.825.2050
Mobile: 216.225.0800